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DNA, your all-in-one HR solutions partner. 

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Tailored professional solutions for your internal teams when you need it most. 

DNA, the secondment partner that support your business.

Companies face staff shortages in business-critical positions for many reasons, talent pool may not be large enough, your company may be growing faster than it can bring on staff, or you may need to take on project-specific talent for a limited period of time.  

Our secondment services support your business needs when you need DNA most. We offer talented professionals across a wide range of outsourced functions, including accounting, tax, human resources, IT and corporate secretarial services.

DNA, the payroll partner that makes your job easier.

A global workforce presents challenges that require expert HR knowledge and specialised processes. Payroll is our expertise, and our certified payroll professionals are on hand to advise and offer support. Our specialist team offers a flexible way of managing your HR and payroll requirements, outsourcing your HR and payroll functions can improve accuracy, efficiency and security. With differing rules and regulations in each jurisdiction, it can be challenging to manage these functions internationally. With limited HR resources, the company still needs to manage multiple tasks throughout the day, while accurate payroll processing compliant to regulatory requirements including tax filing is crucial. Partnering with us lets you to draw on world-leading expertise in finance and HR, closely with our clients to simplify processes and improve performance in individual ways suited to their specific circumstances.

DNA, the visa partner that makes your visa process stress-free.

Hong Kong is known for being an international financial hub, a vibrant city, filled with opportunities. DNA visa services offer not only services in visa applications, also provide relevant information and professional advice in regards to the expats' relocation to Hong Kong and work closely with clients who are hiring employees from overseas and China. We analyse all our clients' cases to determine the appropriate visa applications needed before providing the relevant checklist(s) for our clients and/or visa applicants to prepare. 

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