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Will AI replace my job?

With the rise of multiple AI tools, there are specific jobs that are more at risk when compared to others. A recent Goldman Sachs study found that generative AI tools could impact 300 million full-time jobs worldwide, which could lead to a "significant disruption" in the job market. While AI will eliminate millions of jobs, it will also create two million new jobs in 2025. IBM said it expects to pause hiring for jobs that artificial intelligence could do. Arvind Krishna, the company’s chief executive, estimated up to 7,800 jobs at the company could be affected, according to an interview with Bloomberg New.

It happened to us before - one of the most extreme historical examples of technology-driven job losses happened at the end of the 19th century, the mechanization of agriculture concerned about half of American workers who were in this primary sector. This transition resulted in substantial short- and medium-term unemployment as jobless farmers migrated to the cities for factory employment. Will AI lead to similar concerns? Let’s look into some of the highest risk jobs that could be replaced and the new roles from this emerging space.

Interpretators and Translators

The latest version GPT-4 LLM supports over 26 different languages, including widely used languages and more nuanced ones, the AI can effortlessly translate about anything and it will improve itself everyday. There are also speech recognition AI systems available that can translate and transcribe in multiple languages.


While paralegals and legal assistants or administrators are not literal translators, one of their day-to-day roles is receiving complex legal documents and converting them into summaries and briefs. There are multiple AI out there that can easily create legal briefs and even lawsuits out of data fed to them. If you are a working paralegal who focuses on lawsuit research and creation, draft making, and case development, this smells like trouble.

Customer Service Agents

Most of the time, the queries and problems of customers are repetitive and answering these queries does not require high emotional or social intelligence for a lot of companies. AI can be used to provide automated responses to frequently asked questions such as delivery status, payment confirmation, order cancelation, refund status, etc. Imagine a company with 200 customer service agents, they could easily reduce the team size in half with the help of AI. When the customer is asking a more complex issue and the AI cannot handle the queries, they’ll be forwarded to a human customer service representative.


AI-powered bookkeeping cloud-based services provide an efficient accounting system and flexibility and security. All you need to do is feed the daily transactions into the software, which will take care of the rest. The systems can be trained to extract and “study” data and provide financial analysis and planning - while management accountants will still be involved in higher levels of analysis, but the rote work – data entry, copying and pasting, sorting, and reordering – will be eliminated.

On the bright side, these AI tools are extremely helpful to boost our productivity. Below a couple of AI tools we could adapt for our day to day work:-

Summarize documents, from complex documents to meetings

  • Fireflies: automatically record and transcribe meetings

  • SciSpace Copilot: decode any research paper effortlessly

  • ChatGPT Sidebar: Summarize webpages, translate and grammar check your emails

Compose and draft emails, templates for presentations

  • Compose AI: automate email replies

  • Aiprm: get templates for presentations

In fact, revolutionizing AI tools will lead to new sectors and create millions of jobs requiring us. As of this moment, there are still limitations with AI such as tasks that involve reasoning, analytically driven tasks, interpersonal conflict tasks since it still lacks critical thinking and human creativity. If you are deciding what path you would like to pursue, anything requiring social / emotional intelligence and of course AI related career, will be safe from being taken by the bot.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to any of us here at DNA Recruit Partners. Our team is happy to assist you with market insights, learning and development advices, and career consultation.

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